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fallacy ingrained in the minds of most marketing managers is the belief that the better product will win the marketing battle.

Behind the thinking of many marketing managers is the thought that "truth will out."

In other words Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys , if you have the "facts" on your side, it's only necessary to find a good advertising agency who can communicate those facts to the prospect and a good sales force that can close the sale.

We call this approach "inside-out thinking"- that somehow the advertising agency or the sales force can take the truth, as the company knows it, and use this truth to clear up the misconceptions that reside inside the mind of the prospect.

Don't be fooled. Misconceptions cannot easily be changed by an advertising or sales effort.

What is truth? Inside every human being is a little black box. When a human being is exposed to your advertising or sales claim Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys , that person looks inside the box and says "That's right" or "That's wrong."

The single most wasteful thing you can do in marketing today is to try to change a human mind. Once a mind is made up, it's almost impossible to change.

What is truth? Truth is the perception that's inside the mind of the prospect. It may not be your truth, but it's the only truth you can work with. You have to accept that truth and then deal with it.

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Finding the Perfect Digital Cameras ? Is There Such a Thing? Technology Articles | December 28, 2011
The holiday season is here and the time has come to upgrade your old manual camera. If this is your first attempt of getting a digital camera, things can get pretty perplexing.

The time has come to upgrade your old manual camera. If this is your first attempt of getting a digital camera Cheap Hockey Jerseys Wholesale , things can get pretty confusing. There are so many digital cameras out there to choose from that you won?t even know where to begin. Relax, this guide will help you narrow down your option so that you can start taking pictures with your new camera and share the results with the world. You don?t necessarily have to get the best type from the many digital cameras available in the market, but simply get the one that fits your needs.

Let?s first start with the resolution of the camera. Many digital cameras nowadays offer resolution that can go as high as 20 megapixels. Clearly, those types of cameras are reserved for professionals in the field. If you want some simple point and shoot camera for everyday usage Cheap Authentic Hockey Jerseys , a 10megapixel camera is actually more than enough. Do note that it?d be hard to tell the difference between a 12-megapixel one with the 10 megapixel one. So the resolution itself isn?t enough to guarantee the overall quality of the camera.

The next thing you should know about before making that purchase is the lens that the camera uses. Digital cameras now come with many types of lenses, such as fixed focal-length ones, retractable zoom lenses, fixed zoom lenses and many more.? The retractable zoom lenses should provide more versatility even more casual photographers. So you may want to get that one instead of camera with fixed zoom lenses.

If you are the outdoor type Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China , you may want to get a digital camera that comes with an interchangeable power supply. Some digital cameras come with only one type of power supply, which won?t be ideal if you?re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no electricity to charge it. Therefore, it is recommended to go for camera that has interchangeable power supply.

When it comes to buying a digital camera, you shouldn?t always go for digital cameras that offer the lowest prices. Sometimes it pays to shell out a little bit of extra money Cheap Hockey Jerseys China , especially if you want a better quality camera that lasts longer. The next time you go

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