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Facts and sympoms of carrot allergy
Posted On : Dec-02-2011 | seen (1925) times | Article Word Count : 565 |
Carrot allergy is not included in the list of the top six food allergies and therefore suffers the people who are allergic to pollen Cheap Jerseys , food, similar to allergic reactions carrots. What is pollen food allergy? It is a syndrome that occurs through a cluster of allergic reactions in the mouth after eating certain vegetables, fruits and nuts. As the allergens in the goal mouth area, it is also known as Oral Allergy Syndrome or OAS is known. In technical terms, OAS provides cross-reactivity between the remains of the tree or weed pollen Wholesale New NFL Jerseys , which is still present in some fruits and vegetables.

If you are allergic to pollen, you are allergic to pollen and food for carrots. This is due to the structural similarity between carrots and other foods pollen. The structure of the pollen proteins is similar to carrot proteins. As I said above, cause the uncooked food or raw carrots for that matter, pollen, allergic reactions Wholesale NFL Jerseys Shop , because cooking destroys allergic proteins in carrots, which she is not allergic. But regardless of the cooked carrots, some people are allergic to it. In such cases, care and treatment are the only things that can be made.
Birch pollen, an allergen Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , the allergic symptoms in the person consumes raw food produced, the inhalant allergens that cross-reacts with the carrot. If you have a mild carrot allergy, you can develop some common reactions shortly after its consumption.

Carrot allergy in babies

If the baby''s immune system recognizes a harmless substance as a harmful and will have an allergic reaction. The immune system starts producing antibodies to protect the baby from more exposure. However, most exposures, the antibodies cause allergic reactions to the allergen. Common symptoms appear in babies after carrot consumption are:

?Excess gas after every meal
?Watery and red eyes
?Runny or stuffy nose
?Swelling of the face Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , lips and tongue
?Closure in the throat

It is advisable, cooked carrots, to give a baby at the age of 7 months and grated raw carrots when 10 months old. Consult your child''s doctor before introducing carrots or other possible allergic foods for that matter. It is also very important to be able to distinguish between an allergy and a digestive disorder. Some children have certain digestive problems, because they cannot tolerate certain foods, while some of them are actually allergic to certain foods. An allergist can determine whether an allergy or digestive disorder through various tests.

Tips for prevention and treatment of Carrot Allergy
The easiest way to prevent carrot allergy is to avoid carrot consumption altogether. Once you know the perpetrator Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , it is better to exclude it from your diet, instead of seeking treatment for it.

Sometimes, even if you stood near the stove and inhale the steam to cook carrots, you may be suffering from a sore throat, choking and difficulty swallowing. When the steam in the eye Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , there may be conjunctivitis, commonly known as pinkeye. So try to get away from carrots if they will be cooked.

Another thing, you can do is read the food labels or ask the ingredients of the food. Even after very careful if you suffer from carrot allergy, you either have to consider some treatment options (in the case of mild allergy symptoms), such as antihistamines or visit an allergist (in the case of life-threatening situation).
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