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During the smoking process, the sensation between the lips and teeth was flat and did not reach the mellow state Cheap Cigarettes. The purity of the smoke is basically normal, and there is no peculiar smell in the mouth. The end of the nostril smelled with a slight scent. The irritation of smoke to the tongue and throat is also very low. The overall state of the smoke after entering the lungs is fair Newport Cigarettes. After all, its smoke is smooth and rich, and there is no odor. The overall satisfaction is okay. The flue gas quality at the end is basically the same as before. The new version of the cigarette case has a cleaner and simpler packaging. The hue is also more distinct, with red and white being distinct. The fresh-keeping technology is used in the filter, and the taste is indeed different from the non-this technology. Sniffing the roll paper deeply, it exudes a rich and delicious taste. Compared to some duty-free versions of Hard Red Wan, the smell is more plump and soft. Ignite one. The taste that appears after the entrance is slightly different from the duty-free version of Hard Red Wan. The former showed a direct, slightly rough mixed smell. The latter exudes a distinctly bitter aroma. At the same time, there is still the same moist smell in the lips and teeth as the moist smell that you smelled when you sniffed the roll paper before lighting. The strength of the smoke is still very strong, which is slightly stronger than some styles of hard red. When the smoke slips through the throat, the irritation of the smoke to the tongue and throat is also obvious. It's just not the irritation of itching, but the superior throat sensation due to the rich taste. Spit out the smoke, the nose at the end of the respiratory tract is obviously bitter, somewhat obsessed. After taking a deep breath, the smoke swept across his throat and poured into his lungs. After entering the lungs, the smoke is rich and full, delicate and fresh. The impact is direct and obvious. This is different from the simple and slightly monotonous satisfaction of other duty-free versions of Hard Red Wan. The overall smoke of the new version of Guinea Duty-paid Hard Red Million is deep and rich, not as simple and rough as other versions. Mouth and nose were opened together, exhaling smoke in one fell swoop. The feeling of the whole respiratory tract is naturally soothed due to the moist Marlboro Gold, fresh and abundant smoke. The lips, teeth, tongue and throat once again reminiscent of the delicious and bitter fragrance, which is also coordinated and clean. The quality of the flue gas at the end does not appear to decline, and it inherits the relatively high-quality characteristics of the previous few mouthfuls. Snip off the broken stalks, and thus end the joyful tasting journey of this new version of Duty-paid Guinea's hard red million.
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