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10.01.2020 08:08
like the gift of God, an Antworten

For the weeds, I have always been in awe. They have no fear of being washed away by rain, no fear of being trampled by passersby, and have grown up with a tenacious temperament. The growing state of endless and no regrets makes me really see how powerful many seemingly weak lives are. I remember Xia Yan described this in his popular science sketch Weed: Did you see the formation of a grass under the rubble and stones? It is longing for the sun, in order to achieve its will to live, no matter how heavy the stones are and how narrow the stones are Marlboro Lights, it must twist and twist and persevere to the ground. Its roots are drilled into the soil, and its buds are lifted to the ground. This is a force majeure, and the stones that stopped it were also overturned by it. Yes, no matter what the situation is, weeds will not give up their lives easily, they will not give up on themselves, and they will not give up on the future. Even in the cracks of life, I will try my best to grow upwards. A wildfire in winter may be a doom to many things or things, but to the weeds that will grow in the coming year, it is a god-like gift. Because the growth of weeds is the same as the growth of crops, it is better to add the right amount of mineral nutrients. The wildfire burns the stems and leaves of the grass into ash, and the minerals in the stems and leaves remain in the ash. These minerals infiltrate into the soil with the rainwater. In this way, the minerals absorbed from the soil return to the soil. Like being fertilized. In this kind of reincarnation, the achievement is exactly the scene of "endless wildfire burning, spring breeze blowing again". Of course, if it has not been burned by wildfire, the stems and leaves of wild grasses will wither and rot in winter, and then merge into the soil, but this process is relatively slow. It is for this reason that burned grass grows more vigorously than grass on grass that has not been burned. When the spring breeze rains, the growth of weeds is always overwhelming, full of vitality, and exuding the splendid weather Marlboro Gold. Its vitality is just like the gift of God, and its irresistible germination is born with an irresistible force. The growth of grass is so simple that it can flourish with a piece of earth or a stream of water. Compared with humans, they are the first life in which there is an absolute survival advantage, and the grass and the autumn. Plants can still be born next year, but people can't. Who can say that this is not a regret that you are not born to tell? In the world of peace, as grass grows, as far as ordinary men and women are concerned, it seems to be a simple wish, but in fact it is a beautiful, extravagant and distant dream.

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