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Go hiking with friends on the outskirts of the city on weekends. It was a not too high mountain, but very steep. There are two roads to the top of the mountain, one is the Panshan Highway, which winds from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain; the other is a straight ladder, which is only a quarter of the distance of the Panshan Highway. When my friend took the Panshan Highway, I took the ladder, and we agreed to meet at the top of the mountain. I secretly complained that my friend was stupid, that he didn't go near the road, but had to take a detour Cheap Cigarettes. Along the ladder, I rushed to the top of the mountain step by step. Along the way, except for weeds on both sides were towering trees, covering the sky. The road was straight, and after a short while, I climbed to the top of the mountain. I thought to myself that my friend was still moving slowly along the mountainside, so I sat in the gazebo on the top of the mountain to rest. Half an hour later, a friend came up unhurriedly, and accompanied him was an old man who did not know him. Depending on the situation, they can talk very well. The old man approached me and asked, "Boy, did you come up from the ladder?" I nodded, my friend who said nothing, said, "It's a pity you didn't take the Panshan Highway with me Wholesale Cigarettes. I saw on the mountainside, Dong The city is surrounded by buildings; on the south there is a distant lake like a mirror; on the north, I am fascinated by the endless golden cornfield ... along the way, my vision is getting wider and wider, and my mood is also cheerful. "After listening, I was surprised. Can the mountainside really see so many beautiful scenery? I didn't believe it, and decided to take the Panshan Highway with them when I went down. Strangely enough, many people climbed to the top of the mountain and came down after less than 10 minutes of rest Marlboro Red. I asked the old man why he laughed without answering. Then we went down the mountain. The old man pointed at the foot of the road and said, "In the past, only the cloud ladder you just walked could reach the top of the mountain, and there were very few tourists going up the mountain. Later, the government built this mountain road and more and more people came to play. Tourists come to mountaineering for the purpose of training their bones and muscles, and for watching the scenery along the way, so they will not stay at the top of the mountain for a long time. " There is unique beauty everywhere. I suddenly remembered a sentence that the talented woman Zhang Ailing said: "In the path of life, everyone must go." Indeed, the twists and turns in our work have taught us how to deal with people and the joys and anger in life Grief helps us grow. I tell myself, Sdo n��t be afraid of detours in the future, maybe this life will be more colorful.
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