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The lively and cute little white rabbit Xin Xin and the cunning and treacherous Fox Doudou are classmates and good friends. He said he was a good friend, but Doudou always wanted to design Xinxin. Xinxin regards Doudou as a friend, but Doudou doesn't regard Xinxin as a friend! Because the humble Xinxin is the class leader, the exam is also the first test; the proud Doudou is the deputy class leader, and the exam is the second. Only under Xinxin is the day before the final exam. How to take the first test! Huh? Why don't I ... Suddenly, Doudou counts. He thought: If Xinxin does not appear in the examination room tomorrow, can I be the first? Haha, just do it! Xinxin was actually very clear in her heart. She knew that Doudou was going to hurt her again. So, the smart Xinxin brought the compass around him every day Marlboro Red. Jealous, the flame of jealousy in Doudou's heart was burning, burning ... Doudou began to carry out his conspiracy. Doudou about Xinxin went to the hillside where it was easy to get lost. As soon as Xinxin arrived, Doudou's eyes became fierce. He cleared his throat and said with a bad intention: "Haha, now you are in my hands, you don't want to go to the exam room tomorrow!" He laughed when he finished. Xinxin thought to himself: Doudou is so cunning, I'm still careful! Doudou wanted to solve Xinxin quickly, so he said aloud: "Well, what are you thinking? Even a fairy can't save you today! I don't want to talk nonsense with you here!" Doudou opened her mouth and wanted to eat Xinxin Cigarettes Online. But Xinxin saw through Doudou's conspiracy and ran away. Doudou couldn't run out of Xinxin, so he stopped. He said to himself: "It doesn't matter, she is lost. She can't come back in a while. I can still take the first test tomorrow, ha!" Go home. The next morning, Doudou came to the examination room, but found that Xinxin also came. Doudou was stunned and opened his mouth into a big "O" shape. It turned out that Xinxin did get lost yesterday, but she returned home with a compass. Huh, this point, Doudou never thought. To start the exam, Doudou threatened Xinxin to copy his answer in order to take the first place. Xinxin refused, so they quarreled below. This scene happened to be seen by the proctor, and the proctor asked the reason. The invigilator knew that Doudou cheated, so he directly marked a ��0�� on the test paper Cheap Cigarettes, indicating 0 points. As a result, the test paper was changed out. Xinxin was the first in every class, which was a hundred points. Doudou did not have a first class. Math and Chinese also got a duck egg. What the first test! But the penultimate! Haha, really self-sufficiency!

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