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and he succeeded. Manly cigarette Antworten

In the lush cigarette market, Marlboro's success is obvious to all. Among the global consumers Marlboro Cigarettes, Marlboro is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and most attractive international brands. In terms of sales, Marlboro cigarettes consumed on average in the world reached 1 million cigarettes per minute. Whether you smoke or not, Marlboro’s world image and charm have left a deep impression on you Marlboro Gold. Is it unforgettable just because he used the image of a cowboy? Marlboro, worth more than 2 million, also took a long time before becoming the first brand. Marlboro's success was that he used the image of denim to build a masculine brand, which differentiated from the mainstream cigarette. Marlboro in the mind is a masculine cigarette. The difference between Marlboro and the market is that he distinguishes between the market and the mind, because he knows that making the right decisions when building a brand is the key. When building a brand, the primary goal should not be the market of products or services, but the mentality of potential customers. The market follows the mentality. The mind does not consider the market. The mind does not consider the nature of the market. It considers the category. Marlboro brings good luck to the image of the cowboy. The visual image is a means to achieve the goal. The ultimate goal lies in the mind. Become a category representing masculine cigarettes. The process of building a brand does not depend on the market. In fact, before Marlboro launched the market, there were already many other men's cigarette brands on the market, but what is not important in the market, but what is important in people's minds There are no new categories in mind Marlboro preempted this masculine cigarette category and he succeeded. Manly cigarettes are not only suitable for men Marlboro to stand out from all cigarette brands, because it occupies masculinity, but in fact women who smoke Marlboro cigarettes almost as much as boys do not care about the market Marlboro Lights, but about the minds of customers, In mind, Marlboro represents a masculine cigarette, and women chose this brand to show their masculinity.
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